Hi my name is Mehdi Aardin. I have been in the swimming industry for more than 19 years in different rolls. Teaching is my passion, I have joined Badger Team as an instructor and coach in 2008 and stepped up to my current position of Swim School coordinator in 2012. I have been training teachers and coaches in and out of Australia for both AUSTSWIM and ASCTA for more than 4 years. I am currently studying bachelor of behavioural psychology.


SAT Presenter
Babies and Toddlers Presenter
Resuscitation Presenter
TC Presenter
Bronze licence coach
Certificate 4 in work place and assessment
Certificate 4 in fitness
Pool supervision and operation certificate
Teacher of people with disability


I have been in the swimming industry since 2012, during this time I had the wonderful opportunity to work with all sorts of age and skill, from babes blowing their first bubbles to high levels of competitive swimming. Coaching is my main occupation and what I enjoy the most, it brings me back all of those great memories of when I was a swimmer, and to know you can pass this on, is a very rewarding experience.


Austswim/Ascta Instructor of swimming and water safety
Infant and preschool aquatics
Towards competitive strokes
Bronze Coach
Coach of Adult Swimmers (Masters).


I am an enthusiastic, passionate, encouraging and dedicated teacher working at Badger Swim School since 10th October 2013. From 1995 to 2002 I was a swimming athlete of the Italian Team Treviglio Nuoto. I also have an Italian Degree in Primary Education Science and I am a recognised Primary School Teacher in NSW.


AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
Ascta Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming
Ascta Bronze Coach
Ascta Swim Australia Teacher of Babies and Toddlers
Ascta Swim Australia Teacher of Learners with Disability
Scuba School International Advanced Adventurer


My name is Fou (short for Forough). I was born in Iran and moved to Australia for a new start 5 years ago and since then have been working with Badger Swim School as a swimming instructor/coach. I find teaching little kids very fulfilling and my babies classes are my most favorite ones. I do speak Persian, Turkish and Azerbaijani as a mother tongue.


Austswim - Teacher and Assessor of Swimming Water Safety
Austswim - Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes Certificate
Austswim - Teacher babies and Toddlers


Swimming have been part of my life since I was a child and I do have a passion for it, this I would like to impart to my students.
I was a professional swimmer in Colombia, when I was a teenager and since then I have not stopped been an enthusiast of the sport.
I have 3 years of experience working as a swimming teacher here in Australia and I have my Certificate 3 in Sport and Fitness, focused in Swimming coaching, also my AUSTSWIM accreditation of Swimming and Water Safety. .


AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
Certificate 3 in sport and fitness
Diploma in Organizational Communications
Degree in Journalism


My name is Daniel, I am Spanish and I love swimming and doing sports.I also have a lot of experience working in child care centres in Spain.So.....Let's swim!


Certificate 3 in sport coaching
Swim Australia Teacher


Hello there, I am Slavka swimming have been part of my life since I was a child and I do have a Hello there, I am Slavka!
Swimming is my passion since my early childhood therefore I addicted to it.
I am Certified Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety and I love teaching others this great skill.
I thing, that swimming is more than a sport. It goes hand in hand with Self Discipline, Resilience, Respect for Self and Others,
Initiative and much more.
For me teaching swimming is purposeful play in the water, so, let's enjoy it together!.


AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety


Hello, my name is Lenke. I am passionate water sports, coaching, community and volunteering.Having benefited from my experiences as a professional water polo player, I have a particular interest in helping children and young people acquire the skills and confidence to swim and enjoy all the positives the water has to offer


Austswim - Teacher of Swimming Water Safety Certificate


My name is Lavinia. I have worked for Badger Swim School for 11 years teaching and coaching. I have taught learn-to-swim at all levels and have and at present coach Mini-squad, Barracudas and Piranhas, holding a Bronze Licence. My professional background other than the swimming industry is in the Arts. My competitive swimming career has included three World Transplant Games (Bangkok, Gold Coast Australia and Sweden) over the past nine years, medalling at these meets and on the Gold Coast and Sweden in all three colours. I swim all four stokes competitively including the medley.


Austswim - Teacher of Swimming Water Safety Certificate
Austswim - Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes Certificate
Austswim - Teacher Infant Preschool Aquatics Licence
Austswim - Teacher of Adults Licence
ASCTA ID: 28103 - Swim Australia competitive stroke and Bronze license coach



My love of children and the need for them to enjoy the water while learning to swim was the main incentive for me becoming a swim teacher 10 years ago. I teach all ages from babies to adults, with a soft approach to ensure their enjoyment.Teaching swimming brings me a lot of enjoyment and is very rewarding seeing the children achieve the smallest of goals.


Teacher of Secretarial Studies, Wagga Wagga College of TAFE
Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
Infant and Preschool Professional Development Workshop
World Wide Swim School 0-4mths, 2-2.5 yrs, Interactive Program with Laurie Lawrence
Austswim Teacher of Infant Aquatics
Austswim Teacher of Adults
Austswim Teacher of Aquatics - Access and Inclusion
Royal Life Saving Grey Medallion
Currently studying Austswim Teacher of Competitive Strokes.


[me son] is right pronunciation.
I have been teaching swimming for almost 3 years in Australia.
I am quite patient and quiet in general however, being active with kids, especially in the water!
I love water - drinking, swimming even washing dishes.


Austswim - Teacher of Swimming Water Safety Certificate