Terms & Conditions

1. The Badger Swim School Term is based upon the Public School calendar. These are normally 10 weeks in length and fees are adjusted to take into consideration any extension or reduction in the Public School calendar, as well as Public Holidays.


2. Existing customers have until week 8 of the current Term to have priority on bookings for the next Term. After week 8 all non-confirmed places are vacated for new customers.


3. Bookings are only confirmed when payment is received.


4. Cancellation of class with less than 24 hrs notice will mean loss of class.


5. Make-up classes for classes cancelled prior to 24 hrs can be arranged IF AVAILABLE. An administrative charge will be added to the account for any make-up classes. For more details please check the make-up policy.


6. Absences with a Medical Certificate can either a. Obtain a credit on their account b. Arrange a make-up class with no administrative charge c. Receive a refund.


7. Any class cancelled by the Swim School or prevented by Pool Management will be a. Refunded b. Credited to the account c. A make-up arranged without administrative charge.


8. Squad members need to be assigned to regular sessions. Make-ups can be done without administrative charge if available.


9. Cancellations during Term time will be refunded at a pro-rata rate, or credited to next Term, less an administrative charge of $50.


10. A Parent or Guardian must accompany a child under 10 to their Learn to Swim class and be present when the class is completed. North Sydney Council will not allow any unaccompanied Learn to swim student under 10 into the complex.


11. The Badger Swim School takes every measure to ensure the continuity of quality programming and recognises the bond that can develop between teacher and student. It does NOT guarantee that the same teacher will be present for every class. When circumstances require a replacement teacher will be provided. Non-attendance will be considered a cancellation of less than 24 hrs.


12. Video and photographs are taken of students for instructional purposes. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions allows the Badger Swim School to use these images internally to instruct students and staff. Parental permission must be obtained to use these images for promotional materials.


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